YEFU 18inch Adirondack Side Table!

This outside end table is ideal companion for YEFU Adirondack chair. You can also use this side table with south beach Adirondack, dining chair, desk chair or lawn chair.

This side table can be resistant to sun, rain, freezing, seawater corrosion, etc., last long life, and easy maintenance.

Thickened table leg

Thicken the table legs to 1 3/4 " so that the table can bear 200lbs weight.

Look Like real wood!

The Adirondack side table outdoor are made of HIPS material, with a realistic wood-grain appearance, but not as prone to cracking and rotting as wood.

18 inch side table

This table on top 18’’ size gives you more room to place, you can put drinks, snack and drink. YEFU outdoor side table makes it more stable and stronger bearing capacity.

The side table can be used indoor and outdoor.

The afternoon light flooded the balcony, you lay on the chair, reading a book and drinking the bear, it will be a nice view.

Low maintenance

If this outdoor side table gets dirty, you can wash it with soap and water. If you accidentally hit a scratch, you can wipe it off with a knife, rubber, or a soft damp cloth.

Corrosion resistant Hardware

All bolts are made of 304 stainless steel, won't rust or be out of shape when exposed to all environments, support your Adirondack table for 10 years.

Smooth edges

Round off the edges of the Adirondack side table so that it feels smooth to the touch, and will not damage people’s clothing, and your kids can play around safely when you have party.

The perfect size of product for giving to your friends!


  • The manual label is clearly marked and easy to understand;
  • Use 4 steps with 304 stainless accessories;
  • The connection between the parts is standard and accurate.


You could get this YEFU outdoor side table easily!


Please do not use any chemical things on outdoor chair.

If you do not use it long time outdoor, we suggest you cover it, then it can keep more than 10 years.

Perfect packaging and moderate size are the best choice for giving to your friends!