YEFU Adirondack ottoman-relaxing your feet!

The ideal companion for YEFU Adirondack chair- YEFU Adirondack ottoman

This folding Adirondack ottoman is ideal companion for YEFU Adirondack chair. You can also use it with south beach Adirondack, dining chair, desk chair or lawn chair.

It has 8 colors, you could choose it according to your preference.

HIPS material

HIPS material, a composite material, which increases the impact resistance and color stability on the advantages of PS material and is not easy to deform, is a comprehensive upgrade of PS material. It is also not as prone to cracking and rotting as wood. It also protect forest, recycled material. It can be used for many years.

Low maintenance

If this plastic foot stool gets dirty, you can wash it with soap and water. If you accidentally hit a scratch, you can wipe it off with a knife, rubber, or a soft damp cloth.

High quality 304 stainless steel

High quality 304 stainless steel accessories keep the Adirondack ottaman many years outdoor. YEFU commits herself to make good outdoor furniture for her customers. In order to avoid rust, we use the high purity 304 accessories, make the Adirondack ottaman look like a new one after many years.

Easy to fold

Easy folding allows for storage and portability. Simply pull the legs in and slide under your YEFU adirondack chair when not using! You can also take it in your car when you are on travel.

Enjoy your day with Adirondack Ottoman!!

They are very suitable for use on the lawn, beach, by the lake, or in the yard, or outdoor. You could put your feet on it and take a nap.

This folding Adirondack ottoman can be resistant to sun, rain, freezing, seawater corrosion, etc., last long life, and easy maintenance.

YEFU Adirondack ottoman

A spectacular addition to any outdoor patio chair From the beach to the barbeque, this classic Adirondack ottoman can with chair will complement your outdoor space with the style and quality you want. YEFU's HIPS material is low maintenance and resists the elements so you can enjoy your furniture year after year.


  • Please do not use any chemical things on it.
  • If you do not use it long time outdoor, we suggest you cover it, then it can keep more than 10 years