We know more about patio chair covers! Because we are a company focusing on the design and production of outdoor chairs, chair cover is our loyal guard for these beautiful chairs, because we love to design these furniture, and we will do everything to protect them, so we have prepared suitable bodyguards for these Adirondack chairs. We have improved the design of these patio seat covers by combining the repeated tests of chairs over the years, and you will like them!

Easy to pull out

We put a handle on the top of the chair cover, which was tested to be very easy to pull off the chair cover, which is much better than putting it on both sides

Soft enough, better fit

I believe you also know that a hard cover may not fit the chair well when they protect the furniture, Only when they are thick and soft can provide effective protection

Thoughtful design

The front is an auxiliary spare handle. If you feel that the back handle can't be pulled out of the shield at one time, you can pull it together

Process and progress!

Does it look the same? It's not the case! The traditional technology is to thicken waterproof coating to achieve 600D thickness, while we use the method of changing the weaving process and thickness to achieve 600D thickness, while reducing the thickness of coating to 0.023inch. The advantage of this is that the structure is stronger, soft and better fit, and the influence of temperature change on the chair cover is reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of more lasting use.