Increase 150% Air Intake

Smokeless firepit design of the bottom air inlet and upper surrounding air holes greatly increases the oxygen supply. The wood is burned fully, reducing smoke by 90%.

360° Widespread Warmth

Unique perforation design,ensureing uniform heat radiation to every corner.And YEFU Smokeless Fire Pit heat radiate increate 150% compared to other brands.

360° Widespread Warmth

The extended warm range ensures that more people can benefit from the warmth provided by the stove bonfire.

Double Wall Secondary
Combustion Design

Ensuring efficient fuel utilization and completecombustion.
Minimizes smoke and emissions.

Easy to Clean-up

Use heat-resistant gloves to remove the removable ashtray. Stop worrying about getting your hands and clothes dirty when clearing leftover ash.Safe and convenient.

Easy to Set

Assembling is easy and can be finished less than 1 min.It should be noted that the burning wood should be dry and low in resin, otherwise there will be more smoke.

Portable Folding Design

In order to reduce burden of carrying,outdoor fireplace adopts foldable design,greatly reduced the volume by 42%.Portable size is perfect for outdoor camping. Easy to store and transport.

Long Fire Poker

Fire Poker can be used to move wood and promote rapid ignition. There are some smores at the beginning is normal.After the wood is burned fully,the smoke will disappear.